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June 21, 2012 / BirminghamSalvationArmy

Salvation Army & The Olympics

Beginning at the Olympic Games of Ancient Greece, the journeying flame represents peace, unity and friendship. So, we think it’s pretty awesome that The Salvation Army gets to be a part of the action!

The More than Gold team at territorial headquarters in London is encouraging Salvation Army corps and centers to use the torch relay as a way to remind their local communities of the Army’s presence while also demonstrating Christian love and hospitality. To do this, many units are taking advantage of outreach opportunities at torch relay events during the Games.

Additionally –and probably the neatest part – a few chosen Salvationists will be among the 8,000 torchbearers! The following representatives of The Salvation Army will have their moment to shine and inspire during the relay:

  • June 26: Ryan Wileman, Yorkshire Division
  • June 27: Zoe Homes, Boston Corps
  • July 6: John Wilson, Hadleigh Temple Corps
  • July 13: Lieut-Colonel Val Mylechreest, Boscombe Corps
  • July 16: Former Olympian Ian Richards, Worthing Corps attendee

We often use the words “flame of hope” and “igniting passion” when referring to The Salvation Army’s services. Why? Because with every meal served to a hungry family or hand held during a time of crisis, our goal is to pass on a torch; a burning flame that represents the true faith, peace, love and hope that only God can bestow.

If you’re watching any part of the torch relay (and you can watch it live online by clicking here!), let us remember the true meaning behind the flame so that we may strive to be torchbearers of the Gospel each and every day.

Want updates on The Salvation Army’s Olympic-related work? Check out the territorial sports ministry, Sport for Good at and at!


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